Seiko 6105-8119

The Seiko 6105 is one of the most common Seiko’s that I see come into my workshop and there is absolutely no wonder why. It’s such a great watch and even at its current price point, good value for money.

The watch after it was restored.

Here is the watch as it was received. It had a badly scratched crystal and the dial and hands were a little too ‘wabi-sabi’ for their own good!

The movement inside the watch.

The dial and hands outside of the case. You can see the lume is really far gone and the dial has also sustained quite a bit of damage over the years. We can repair the lume, but not much can be done about the rest of the dial. We just put that down to patina.

The movement uncased.

The dial side of the movement.

The automatic block is removed. You will see the second wheel and the third wheel have brass bushings and need to be upgraded to jewels for the performance.

The gear train and barrel exposed.

Once the watch was cleaned, the gear train and barrel are back in place.

The bridge is then installed. You can see the barrel jewels, third wheel and second wheel jewels have also been installed.

The automatic block put in place.

Here you can see the dial and hands are installed on the movement. The lume plots on the dial as well as the luminous compound in the hands have been re-applied.

The watch is complete and ready to be cased.

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