King Seiko 5626-7040 ‘HI-BEAT’

Value for money, you cannot go past a King Seiko. These things are built like tanks, run great and are an elegant alternative to many crazily priced Swiss alternatives. This one came in recently for a full overhaul.

I mean look at this thing, it’s beautiful.

We can see from the timing machine results that it isn’t running very well.

The watch removed from the case.

The movement as we begin to strip it down.

The dial side being disassembled.

Once the movement has been through the cleaner, we can get to work on assembly.

The barrel and gear train in place.

The bridges are now put together.

All the bridges are in place, the balance is also put in place.

Dial side and calendar work assembled.

The oscillating weight is mounted and the watch is ready to be cased.

A very cool feature of this watch is the screw in the case which reveals the regulating screw. As this is a one-piece case, the screw allows the watch to be regulated without removing from the case. A genius invention indeed!

We can now see how well the watch is running after a full overhaul.

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