Seiko 6139-7030

The reference in question is a Seiko 6139-7030.

The watch needed a new crystal and the case needed a good clean. Here is the watch in question.

You can see from the below image how clean the dial and hands are on this watch.

I remove the dial and hands to expose the day and date disks.

Here I have removed the day disk.

Both disks are now removed and so is the calendar work and hand setting components.

I now get to work on the movement side.

Removing slowly all the components. You can see the general dirty condition of the movement.

More removal of pieces.

The ratchet wheel is now removed.

The train bridge is now off exposing the gear train.

The barrel is now removed.

With the barrel lid removed we can see the mainspring is in need of a good cleaning.

The movement is now completely disassembled and ready to be cleaned.

Once cleaned, the assembly and lubrication can begin.

I slowly build the movement.

We can now install the rest of the chronograph components. The only part we needed to replace was the minute recording wheel, as the pivot had snapped.

Now the dial side is assembled.

Then the rest of the movement side.

Date disk is then put in place.

Then the day disk.

The automatic work is then installed.

Once complete, the dial and hands are put in place.

The watch is then cased with the new crystal in place. The beautiful dial and handset can now shine through.

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